Mustang Racing Past in Europe

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Malte Huth and his 1965 Shelby in Hillclimb and airport races

Schauinsland-Rennen in Freiburg

Hillclimbing race in Roßfeld

Airport race in Innsbruck. Later in this race the car went off the road and a fire caused some damage to the car
Photo copyright Wolfgang Kohrn/Malte Huth
Malte Huth was 20 years old back in 1965, but he was fortunate enough to have a rich father, who financed his motorsport career. The father - Wilhelm E. Huth was a good friend of Lucky (Lloyd) Cassner. Lucky was a race driver as well. He won the 1000km race of the Nürburgring beginning of the 60ies with Masten Gregory on a Bird-Lager-Maserati.

Lucky Cassner was a well-known race society member at that time. Acc. to Malte his father Wilhelm E.Huth ordered  an original R-Shelby GT 350 via Lucky, but when the airplane arrived with the Shelby, he received a "normal" Street-Shelby, they thought. However the car was already modified and rumour has it, by Holman-Moody, when son Malte took the wheel in his hands. Note the radiused fender lips.

The car came with US licence plates (WD-8563) probably from Larsen Ford or Gotham Ford, but any other outlet in NY that issued NY World Fair licence plates is possible.

When being in Germany it may have been initally licenced for a Berlin army guy (higher rank), though it could be as well that it came via John Simone, who was a friend of Lloyd Cassner. Another pic shows the car in 66 with a 9H6-849 white license plate, which may have been a temporary US army license plate.

Later it was driven with german licence plates such as the pictured STA-M620 for Starnberg. So it was still street approved.

Malte won many races with this car. We have had an interview with him in one of our club magazines, where he mentioned some of his experiences and thrilling challenges with the Porsches of that era, plus we have a video of his car at a 65 hillclimbing race. Good times unfortunately went by.

We have been contacted by sb. that has raced with Wilhelm as well in a rallye to Hungary.

The car was later in 1966 sold to the Ford Schwabengarage.

As of July 2017 we received some information that  Klaus Fritzinger may have bought it and sold it again to H. Riedinger (HeDiRi Racing) before May 1967. Heinz Dietmar Riedinger raced it until 1970. We are in touch with him already to clarify the later history. Malte Huth has already contacted him.

(Picture courtesy Autodiva/JPM photo)

Klaus Fritzinger passed away in 2015.

 If you have any further information on the origin, VIN and Shelby tag as well as whereabouts of this car, let me know.

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