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GT and T-5 emblem on Gary Hanson's car
Gary Hanson's T-5
He owns this red T-5 GT Fastback. Gary shows his car very often not only at California car shows. He went the 'extra miles' with the Mustang in Motion caravan from coast to coast and a lot of other tours.

Here is a close-up-photo of his very rare GT and T-5 fender emblem combination. The new T-5 Registry 2001 will be out soon (July 2001).

James White owns this rare 66 T-5 Hardtop GT. VIN 6T07A250046 is a Metuchem build GT with a 4 speed and 289 engine in Nightmist Blue with Blue and white Pony Interior. A very nice combination and probably a big eye-catcher back then in Germany.

The T5 center horn cap is very unique. Note the missing Mustang letters. This is a steering wheel from a 66 T5. Early 65 T-5s were sometimes found with a rather rough treated surface, sometimes even the Mustang was simply scratched away. Probably not a Ford factory , but a dealer treatment
66 T5 - now back in Quebec/CanadaA 66 T-5 that was exported after its stay in Germany to Canada, Quebec region.
Note the metal badge - very early T-5s have a plastic "Comet" style emblem

This 67 T-5 was originally ordered by an embassy located in Bonn. It was meticulously restored later by its current owner

Another very peculiar T-5 from Harry van der Heuvel from Netherland. Although it has the typical T-5 emblems on the fenders and a 200km/h speedo, Harry told us that he was able to locate the original owner, who stated that he bought the car indeed from a dutch FORD dealer in 1967. This would be then another car besides a Luxembourg T-5 that was probably initially ordered as a T-5 for Germany, but then re-directed to another country. Reasons can be assumed in that there was no concrete order for that car and the dutch dealer was just asking Ford Distribution Center in Europe for a Mustang on a transfer or the original owner just ordered a car that was similar to a car on board of a ship and it was redirected to the Netherland. We will probably never know. The buck tag shows a HXO code, which identifies the Heavy Duty Export suspension instruction for the assembly workers.

68 T-5 convertible - 1 of only 85

Rainer Staub is the proud owner of this low mileage and almost unrestored T-5 convertible - one of only 85 in 1968. The car sat for over 18 years in a collection and all original documentation came with the car. Since its revitalisation, the T-5 enjoys windy roads again.
Fender emblemHere you can see the typical T-5 emblem combined with the early 65/66 F O R D letters

A rare original 1973 T-5 from M. Gute. Have a look at the T-5 emblem on the fender. 71-73 T-5s usually have an additional T-5 sticker on the center part of the console, but not for all interior versions.

An early 79 T-5 1 month before it was wrecked - offered for 1200$. Mustangs built until 31.12.1978 still carried a T-5 emblem. After that the Mustang could carry its original name.