1969 plain BOSS 429

copyright Wolfgang Kohrn 2000-2013

 Dag Lokke - owner of a BOSS 429 in whimbledon white
Dag Lokke found his BOSS 429 in the US and imported it to Norway in 2000. Its first appearance was at the Dagaali 2000 event, where it met Svein Eriks Aaseruds Boss 429 for the first time.

Many pictures were taken, as this was a truely rare event.

Pictures with kind permission by Dag Lokke/Norway

Dag's Boss 429 engine

His story might be here one day...
well... it is still not yet as of 2013, but he is still around.

Dag owned also another Boss 429 KK1849 for a certain period, which came early 70ies from France to UK and then to him, he sold it to A.Nannerup in Denmark, who sold it in 2011 back to the US. Is is currently there under restoration.
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