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Shortcuts    Shelby G.T. 350 SAAC-25 special edition   Stephen Strange's BOSS 429 book  

1 of only 750 made - Shelby G.T. 350 SAAC-25 special edition

Exact Detail Series - Lane collectibles
This superrare collectible was sold at the SAAC-25 convention in June 2000 and went mainly to Shelby Club members and VIPs. Well I do not consider myself as one of those, but thanks to my dear friend Pat Johnson I got a very special X-mas gift. I am now the proud owner of this rare stuff. Prices are rising very fast.
The box contains a signed certificate to proof that this is the real thing. The interior, engine and luggage compartment are really exact detailed and it is a pleasure to look at the silver body lines....Hope to have one in original size in the next 20 years or so.
engine bay luggage compartment
interior - exact detailed

Obsolete collectors item - Stephen Stranges BOSS 429 book

Link to BOSS Performance/Stephen Strange
This book has gone a long time ago. Current value is between 100$ and 150$ acc. to recent e-bay bids. It contains full details about the history and background of the BOSS 429 development, all the VINs of the prototypes and first cars, plus all relevant part numbers. Detailed and rare pictures make this book an item to save for for enthusiasts. Unfortunately I do not own it, but fellow Mustang Peter van Tol (BOSS 302 owner) loaned it to me. Thanks Peter, it was a pleasure to read it. Stephen Strange himself did not allow me to quote more than brief passages in our club mag, but at least he let me know that he is going to publish a new revised version of this book in summer 2001. Make sure you do not miss it this time, as it will be a limited production again. You may contact Stephens shop via by simply clicking on the picture of the book.

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