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Peter van Tol imported his Boss to the Netherlands some years ago. This picture shows, how it arrived. With the left front tire deflated.... Peter is just restoring his Boss to perfection with some Gapp & Roush modified Boss 302 Nascar heads.
Follow this link to the full story.

Picture courtesy Scott Johnstone

This is the BOSS of Scott Johnstone. Thanks to John we got some more inside information on the BO code on the buck tag. BO in this case means simply Boss option, while we found on a 72 convertible the same code indicating Battery option. Johns Boss had no special battery as proven by the original invoice and Ford CAC report.
If you want to know more about BOSS factory documentation, check out this link.

Picture courtesy Marcel Scheltinga

Marcel Scheltinga is a member of the Team Mustang Center Nederland and our club. This 1970 Boss 302 is probably one of only 4 that are driving around on german roads - well at least occasionally.

Picture courtesy Mustang Orlando

Elton "Al" Eckstrand was "The Lawman" who owned this famous Super Boss 429. Al started as an active drag racer until 1965, then decided he should care more about the increasing accident figures and became a lawyer for Chrysler. A great share of the 50.000, who died in traffic accidents, were young army staff guys, that came back from Europe and south east Asia. Upon return most of them immediately bougth a musclecar and with no experience in racing many lost their lives in illegal drag racing. Al started with a 425HP Hemi Charger and flew to Europe to train army guys in musclecar handling and drag racing as well as general driving ambitions for more safety on the road. This program was continued with a bigger team for the next 8 years. The American Commando Drag Team was sponsored by the US Marine Corps, Chrysler and Ford and extended to Vietnam as well. Entering this special Mustang and a fleet of 12 other Mustangs in 1969/70. Click on this link to read more on the SUPER BOSS and the other 12 CJ Mustangs.

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