BOND Mustang FAQ

copyright Mike Alameda, Wolfgang Kohrn

What is the actual VIN of this car?  
Sorry, we will not tell you.
People have tried to produce fakes, so Mike has to keep this information for himself. 
Rest assured, it has been checked by several responsible people."

  Do you have any information on the previous owners of Mikes car?"
 "Stay tuned for further information on this site "

How much did Sean Connery got for the movie?"  
He got 1.2 million dollar for his return in this movie, although another actor was already under contract (John Gavin). However he did not keep this big amount of money for himself, but gave it completely for the funding of an educational and funding project to keep artists in Scotland. "

  You want to post a question here?  
"yes, why not, send an email ... "