Diamonds Are Forever

Featuring: The famous red '71 Mustang Mach1 429CJ

Mike Alameda, Wolfgang Kohrn (2001-2021)


Seargent Mike Alameda posing with his Diamond Mach 1

Mike Alameda's story

"I bought my car in September 1985 after a long search for a 429 big block 71 Mustang. It was advertised in a 3 years old Mustang Monthly that I had in my files. I was fortunate enough that the advertiser still had the car. Actually nobody had called for the car and he was willing after some negotiation to sell it to me. At that time neither him or me had a clue of the history of the car. I did a major restoration in the following years until 1992 replacing some of the suspension parts, repainting it in the bright red colour, putting on Mach 1 stripes and black paint on the hood, which was not there, when I bought it. 

When I had finished the restoration, I send for Lois Eminger to get a copy of the original invoice for my Mustang. The VIN is a very low 71 number amongst the first 200 built units.

I was very surprised to receive 3 pages from her. The invoices clearly shows the delivery to DSO 71 (Phoenix Sales District) and list a '375-G-007 Press Show Las Vegas" remark. The car was fully loaded with options and delivered via Earnhardt Ford in Chandler to Las Vegas Convention Center, where the Mustangs were stored for the filming as I learned later.

After I knew my car was something special I changed some parts back to original condition like the unpainted hood, which was modified for the movie as well, as the car had to match the others used in the scenses. The hockey stripes went off and I detailed the car a lot.
The 429CJ was already rebuilt by the previous owner and the numbers are still matching.

I made then contacts with several of the staff people and most confirmed that a 429 CJ Mustang was the reference car, used for the power slide of the dirt in the beginning, any close-up filming of Bond and St. John and for the actual tire burn-outs in downtown Las Vegas, where real torque was needed.

My car sits in the garage next to a GT 500 and they talk. The Mach still sports all of its original drive train, engine, trans, rearend. I have completely gone thru. all the suspension, brakes, paint,... everything and have found some items on the car that are seen in the movie that I have not changed or corrected.

What happened to the other Mustangs

I was told that the 302s were later wrecked, as no production team and the sponsor FORD could afford these cars to be used by the public. The 351 was heavily modified and had been used further for a rolling all Ford car stunt show (by Buzz Bundy) called 'The Tournament of Thrills" in the 70ies.

It was bought for an UK based collection of other BOND cars and since early 2000 under restoration. The alley car, was in England until 2012 and was in need of much repair.  I have discussed in length with Mr. Peter Nelson, the owner of Cars of the Stars about the Mustang and how it should be restored to condition as used in the film.
The car went into the Dezer Collection in 2012. After the facility was closed around 2018/19, the cars went up to Orlando for the Dezerland. There were some delays, but it seems that as of late 2021 the Bond show will be reopened.


There used to be another 429 Mach 1 "Bond" car in Texas that is often discussed on webforums, which is 1F05J100066. This car was finally bought by the Ian Fleming Organisation and later on display in the Bond in Motion exhibition. It finally became apparent that it was not one of the hero cars through the in-detail research. There is still some more evidence maybe needed to exclude it. In fact it is also a very early car from August 1970, while the Las Vegas filming took place from April 12th, 1971 and in May 1971.

Not a proof, but some details of the early vinned cars just do not fit the visible cars in the movie. Did they pic  rental car at the airport or a suitable car at a local Ford dealer. Both versions were under research by Kevin Marti. The more cars were found in those 2 decades, the narrower the choice got. We press our thumbs for a 2021 News breakthrough in December.

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