Diamonds are Forever

copyright Mike Alameda, Wolfgang Kohrn 2001-2008

Photo card
Wouldn't you like to have this personal photo card from Lana Wood?
Lana Wood alias Plenty O'Toole - the famous Bond girl in 'Diamonds are Forever' gave Mike Alameda this personalized photo card.

The text says "To Mike. With Love. Lana Wood.

Plenty O'Toole was thrown out of the hotel window by some bad guys. She landed in a big swimming pool. Although the actual stunt was not done by Lana, she had to re-appear in the swimming-pool, wet and almost unclothed. The film crew assured her that the scenes taken after midnight would be unattended by spectators. But it was Las Vegas! The whole hotel was still up and people at their windows watching the crew and Lana wet in her underwear.....