Diamonds are Forever
The BOND Mustang
returning to the streets in ....2011?
copyright Vyto Petrauskas/Wolfgang Kohrn

Back in 2001 we suggested already a 2002 Diamond Bond car.
 2006 was the better occasion for a special model for numerous Anniversarys of  the famous Bond movie 
but Ford missed again.

But maybe for the 40th Anniversary in 2011 Ford it will be ready finally?

Vyto Petrauskas made this design for us and for Ford to think over
Since a 69 style car has been already created by CES, why not a 71 429 powered special car from the same compoany or the guys from WCC. 
Still we think Ford should lead and promote the Bond connection and we've heard again of rumours of a Speciality model for the oncoming Bond Anniversary Events. At least it is rediscussed. Let's hope this time it gets real.

Just an idea for Ford, why not call it Mustang GT Diamond edition?

Special Diamond Equipment Group: