The Tour de France  - 1964 Mustang Spare Part car
driven by
Alan Mann and Frank Gardner
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DPK4B August, 22nd, 1965 at the St. Ursanne hillclimb race in Switzerland
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More DPK4B pictures are available from Erik Jelinek from the Technical Museum Vienna.


















The History of the "TDF Mustang" DPK4B

This Mustang, built between 18 and 20th July 1964 at Dearborn and delivered to Holman-Moody first, then exported to Alan Mann/Byfleet/UK was actually not a race car at the TDF, but the personal commuter of Alan Mann himself and Frank Gardner.

Though it never was registered or participated in the TDF, it was a homologated car - prepared and ready to race.

It has a number of race appearances after its sale to the Ecurie Filipinetti/Switzerland.

It is shown here at Turckheim, June 26th, 1965

The DPK4B licenced Mustang most probably started its racing career in August 1964, after being shipped over in July by Ford to Alan Mann Racing Ltd. Alan  Mann had registered 3 cars for the Tour de France, so it was clear that the extra car would just serve as a spare part container, if anything would fail. John Grant reported that indeed some parts were taken off DPK4B for the other racing cars. Still Alan Mann and Frank Gardner could drive it during some rallye segments to get the next starting point.

With the Tour de France starting on 11th of September, Alan Mann had not much time to modify the cars, but Ford wanted to see them winning, so time was no excuse and so was money. Alan Mann got all he needed plus more to get these cars up in front of the racing herd.

John Grant, an ex-mechanic of Alan Mann explained something interesting about the licence plate numbers to me in an interview: "Alan always had 3 letters up front and the last letter indicates the year - in this case B for 1964, A was 1963, C 1965 and so on. Those licence plates stay with the car for its lifetime typically."

What happened to DPK4B after the Tour de France 1964?
The DPK4B was later reassembled with ordered parts and put on sale from our lot." says John Grant.

VIN 5F07K2081XX disappeared for a while, but soon wrote history under the Filpinetti banner  in Switzerland, Germany and Austria from August 1965.
It was mainly raced by Pius Zuend.

On Sept. 19th, 1965 the car turned up at the Gaisberg hillclimb race with door number #50. Driver Pius Zünd.

Another race entry is with door number #91 the "Großer Preis von Wien-Aspern". Pics are visible on the site of the Technical Museum Vienna.

We are looking for more information after this race.
Pius Zuend Jr. unfortunately died in 1982 already.

Thanks to all contributors for their help in tracing the history of DPK4B down.

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