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The Allegro experimental car in the studios 12.July 1962. Archive Gary Witzenburg

The Aurora. We will come back to this one later:
Archive McLellan Automobile literature

Check out this 15 min video about the Ford Styling Studio and the experimental cars Allegro, Cougar II, Aurora and Mustang I and Mustang II 
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"The Allegro is a practical dream car, 
jointly developped by stylists and engineers"
says a Ford design book of that era.

"In styling its daring and different" - an approach in keeping with the times. Symbolising sleekness, motion and - as its name indicates - brisk and lively performance, the Allegro is distinguished by a long hood, compact passenger compartment and a "fastback" roofline with grill wastegates in the fender area.

The dramatic, but functional interior has fixed contoured seats that are an integral part of the body structure, a feature tested in the experimental Mustang. 
Pedals are adjustable fore and aft by means of power switches on the steering column. The column itself is a unique cantilevered  arm that can be poweradjusted fore and aft, up and down. 
This idea car incorporates many new design concepts and new features tailored to existing engine driveline and frame components." 

What you see clearly here .. are styling elements inspired from the GM Monza GT, which Phil Clark saw or even worked on with Shinoda at GM.

The scoops and the rear fake window vents. We have to assume - and book 2 will shade more light on this with testimonials from both GM and Ford colleagues - that Phil Clark was the daring and different stylist in this case as well. 

Since Phil Clark was already well-known for his musician talent, the word Allegro had a special meaning for him and it becomes clear that there must be a similar relation to the naming of this concept. Book 2 from Holly will shift more light on this.


The Allegro II

The Allegro II was an open 2-passenger car meant and announced in a PR notice as a Ford design research vehicle.

"It combines the best elements of sports cars and sportsters". Agile and responsive, yet comfortable and convenient, Allegro II is a contemporary version of the closed fastback Allegro introduced in 1963". 

There was a big influence of the companies racing cars already visible in this research vehicle. Individual headrests mounted on a safety rollbar, quick-fill competition gas filler, Lucas high-speed driving lights and dual green-gold racing stripes. 

The tilt-wheel was another feature of this car, later put in so many Ford cars.

At the same time it featured already panelescent digital instruments, in which lighted numerals shine through the panel face to indicate exact speed.  

Datas will be added later.

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