MCA 30th Birmingham 2006 & Holly Clark
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Donald Farr and his wife greeting Holly at the MCA 30th. Thanks for promoting Hollys efforts, Donald.
"Originally a design exercise, the Mustang I caught the eye of then Ford Motor Company design vice-president Eugene Bordinat, who wanted something exciting for Ford's new-model press preview." 
Donald Farr 
(Editor Mustang Monthly)

If you have still doubts about how the situation on the drawing board in the studios was, when Eugene Bordinat saw Phils designs, simply page up Gary Witzenburgs Mustang documentation on page 27, where this drawing board is shown  with  Phil Clarks scetches and drawings out of school. 
All those are still in Holly Clarks posession. This picture is  dated 26.April 1962. 

There is little more evidence you need, but we know there are still doubters out there....

It's good to have a bigger group of Mustangers strongly supporting Holly and even having a few lawyers ready to help amongst them, just in case.

Give Holly your personal support in buying book 1, so she can get book #2 out with more details on the life of her father. In fact she needs your financial support . The MCA trip cost her a fortune and book 2 simply must come out soon.

200 Ponies rolling in to Birmingham with the Ponydrive. Thanks to David S. Turnbull

Check out  for some updates on David S. Turnbulls famous cross-country drive.

BTW - Did you know that Ford registered the running Pony emblem not before 2004?

Pictures from the MCA 30th. Anniversary
courtesy of the Mach1Registry

Picture: Mike Aucoin

Dave and John from the Mach1 Registry supporting Holly
Picture courtesy

Holly "Dad's girl" posing with another wild horse. Blinking at the photographers shot. Mystery tells us, Phil was definitely present at the MCA 30th.

31th. August through 3rd. September, Birmingham
MCA 30th Anniversary Stampede

Birmingham was the place to be to learn more facts and get more insight in the Phil Clark foundation

Holly (on right) enjoying the dinner at the MCA30th with Red. On left with blue shirt Brad Barnett with his wife. Picture Mike Aucoin

Here is Hollys first report:
"What started as a seemingly bad situation...turned into a good one... Let me start before we left home:
When we didn't hear from Steve McCarley for days before the show.....actually his phone was full, as we learned later...we were a bit concerned, wether we should go. 

So I called my friend Linda...who is part of the local Mustang Club in Birmingham putting it on... She called Randy Cunningham... and he contacted me at home in Texas. What he didn't know is as usual, the stress had made me ill. 
I was in bed.. with my sickness..crawling from the bed to the bathroom.. thinking how was I going to drive the 13 hours to the show, when I was too weak to walk to the bathroom... Randy didn't know why my calls weren't being returned..but assured me that he would have a place for me when we got there... even if we had to combine with someone. He assumed Steve had just gotten too busy to return my calls.
Anyway I had paid in advance for that I could get in just like anyone else.... So the next day, as sick as I was, we started the long drive. We decided with gas prices as they were, to only take the Mustang, and get in it what we could carry to show... which is not a lot when you need clothes and Dads artwork. 

 We were so thankful  to Donald Farr for the promotion..but we knew that we were expected to bring artwork and books... so that had to be packed into the Mustang. After a week of Red working at the Racetrack, and me being sick.... we could only drive a few hours and stop over.... .and I was still sick on the road!
When we got there.... several days later... we didn't have the needed passes to get where we needed to be...but asked for Steve and found him!! He was so glad we showed up!! 

STEVE MCCARLEY of MCA gave Holly a great big hug and made her feel extra welcome to the event ! 
"Notice the Great big Smile on my face and the mystery - on picture captured - cloud above my head, when Steve expressed his believe in the displayed proofs. Thank you MCA's Steve McCarley! THE PHIL CLARK FOUNDATION APPRECIATES YOU SO VERY MUCH!!" Holly

He apologized .... he said he was concerned if he talked to us, he would have to tell us Mustang I was not coming and was then scared we would not have made the expensive and long trip from Texas. Of course, we felt that Mustang I not being there was all the more reason for us to be there! He later told us, that HENRY FORD MUSEUM WAS charging them, $35,000 for Mustang I AND a 5 Million dollar insurance policy and that they just didn't feel that they were a large enough event to merit her....  
We were immediately given an "ALL ACCESS PASS" which very few people had! And told we could go anywhere, but on the track of course, without supervision! And to go meet everyone!
First thing I did, was try to find my sponsors for the Phil Clark Mustang Stampede and thank them! And to those that I didn't find...after I was stuck in my chair.... THANK YOU!!!!
Then we were actually told we could allow MCA to sell our stuff...well that was just a little too much....  I also knew I was still not well..and couldn't handle the entire weekend...

So we went down to the other end of the Paddock area behind the RaceTrack and found the Miracle League... a group of kids in wheel chairs..(which MCA didn't have a way to get them down to this area..another story...) that were to be recipients of the proceeds of the MCA 30th...and I spoke with them...

 We asked if we could set up with them..and when we weren't there ..could we leave our stuff with them to watch over... ironically...or my life goes..their shirts say "ANGELS IN THE OUTFEILD".... So we told them that we too would donate to them..and wanted to bring attention to when people would come up to talk to me about my father... who died because HE had a disability... I would point to them these wonderful people next to us with a disability...who before were just left at the end with no one paying any attention to them and bless their hearts..they each have their own talents..just like my father.... They are amazing... I am sure my life is not finished with these guys who touched me... I didn't feel quite so sick...when we were all down in this one corner together...and I was thankful for them to be in my life this weekend....but moving on---

So ...starting WED: Mainly just MCA ...and vendors came down to view our material..including video and photos of dad...AND letters.... we had a great set up...but the most interesting thing that left people with their mouths open...was dad's graded material from SCHOOL...out of his Portfolio... that appears to be products that they have seen produced after his death.... We had the graded and checked (by a teacher) material. 

Another big deal was the MUSTANG COUPE designs...the actual one from dad's school days, and the one from the Magazine from 1963.  And of course my birth certificate..which I showed to case there was a doubt as to who I was... and the most awesome thing? 
The Mustang Running Horse..that dad did in School and the comparison horse that dad did at 11. The detail, everyone said is amazing.  Of course all drawings are dated and say MUSTANG in dad's handwriting.... so people were going back and bringing their friends......
By Saturday... not only had many Mustangers, but many in MCA have viewed our material...and are changing their way of thinking.
 I wrote above while I was in Birmingham..and we are now home..
When we left... we had at least 200 people that heard our story one on one...maybe more... more people saw the evidence..and believed us...
Steve McCarley... came to have his photo made with me...his last words to me... "Holly, I believe you!"... Very comforting!
On another note...the History Channel..though the first day said that they would come and interview me... They did not, however they took shots of us in our car with over 210 cars on the Pony Drive from the Barber Motorsports to Homewood, an exclusive town outside of Birmingham..and everyone...from Brad Barnett Supporters to MCA representatives and most definitely Steve McCarley who got them there told them to interview us...and they said they would..and guess what ...They did not!
 WHY doesn't someone ask them? We were there..with original material..and they were not 3 feet in front of us! and didn't come by! SPEED channel too was there! I have been on SPEED and they too didn't interview us! I guess they are still not ready to admit they are telling the wrong story, maybe?
I am sitting here next to a sign that is my logo: 
.... I  guess it will.
Finally... We got home to a stack of bills.
This excursion cost us about $4,000 .....and the Mustang is up for sale...yet I am invited to ANOTHER MUSTANG SHOW NEXT WEEK.. (I can't figure how to sell it and go to shows too?"
Holly Clark

Editors Note: Make sure you support Holly and order her book via her Ebay shop. It's every cent worth and don't let this Mustang story remain hidden. If you want to donate to the Phil Clark Foundation, now is the time! Contact Holly via this website or directly to her e-mail address KidofPonymaker  at
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