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The Man behind the Pony
The story continues about his time at GM, Ford and for Ford Europe on his way to the Chief Designer Trucks for the world, well almost....

Holly Clark
The second book has been delayed due to a serious accident of Holly in 2003 and where all the content was almost lost forever

There was an eighteen month delay due to this wreck on April 18,2003. Good Friday.

This was an F-350. Book Two, almost in it’s entirety, was in this accident, along with the author and her photographer. The truck rolled several times and came to rest around a telephone pole, (as seen in the passenger side of the truck). Not only was the truck completely destroyed, the only copy of the book was covered in glass, diesel fuel, grass and spread over about a quarter of a mile.

As if that weren’t enough to delay the second book, Holly Clark also suffered brain damage from the accident thus further delaying the whole Man Behind the Pony Series. They say a picture is worth a thousand words—hopefully this one will be worth an entire book. Watch closely for The Man Behind the Pony Series, Book Two.

Coming soon.

Phil Clark was the Father of Holly Clark, his only daughter. Holly devoted her life to trying to get to know the father she lost as a young child. In the process of discovering her father, she also discovered something else, his connection to the Mustang. In just a few more days, no one might have ever known what was in the attic, but serendipity took over and the key to her father’s works, life and his death were discovered. It was December 1985.

Excerpts From Phil Clark’s Belongings: — .. Power in this "Mustang" sort of design project... — My only hope is Henry Ford II who will compare them next week.—I didn’t realize those photos would be so expensive! I wish now I hadn’t sent those Mustang slides.-I have made progress on my portfolio this week. Five sketches and some roughs for more. (While in England)—I am in the hot spot constantly. I have 5 stylists under me, including Fritz Mayhew and 14 modelers. —Roy(Haynes) has been on Holiday, so I’ve had Corsair and MkIV with Gil Spear.

Excerpt from the Book II description

Update 2010: 
Due to Hollys health problems, her book has been delayed for more years. Yet she is still engaged to get it out one day. Until then more research can make it only more interesting. We have found together a lot more bits that help the story to be narrated in the right context..  

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