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The Man behind the Pony
How Holly found out about her father.

The final cover- the book is finally in print as of April 2006

ISBN 0-9785140-1-7

This section will list some errors in the first book that slipped through the proof-reading:

Page 70: The "printer" (means the print file preparer or designer) somehow forgot to put the second part of the letter on this page. This is the lower part showing Fritz Mayhew as the signer:
(The upper part started a sentence about a Ford "Blood-bath" at the UK Design center, when the german and UK Design center were united....

Some of you may recognize Fritz Mayhew as one of the later Design Chiefs within Ford USA, that directed the Design of the Mustang II, promoting actively the "Jellybean" design (the Mustang II final design work was finally put on paper by Nesbitt)....... (to be continued)

Page 90
Pictured is of course Phil Clarks friend Roy Lunn, not Roy Haynes 


Holly Clark
The first book of a series is finally on sale from May 14th. 2006
(See direct link further down to Hollys Ebay shop - it may not be online at any time due to Hollys preferences)

You may ask why it took Holly about 20 years to get this fantastic story into a book. 

Well, there was disbelief, distrust, historians that had a strong word on the real story and interviews that scared Holly away. Not being really into the automotive world except for her boyfriend owning a Mustang back then, did not make the case and the understanding easier.

Her family wasn't really interested, the death of her father was still painful and nobody seemed willing to remember him. 

So little was in the Mustang history books, how could he really have played an important role? Since the early doubts, more and more people are today (2010) convinced, that indeed he played a major role and the approval of him as the Pony emblem designer by Ford itself added to the success of Hollys efforts. Still a story that deserves a movie production!

Paging through her findings and looking for further carton boxes in the house of her grandma Holly finally found piece by piece a story that needs indeed to be told to the world. 

Finding friends, comrades, mates and colleagues of her father was the next step and so she did ...year after year one more.  Following the diary and notebook of her father she tried to get all testimonials and reports on her fathers life and job together.

It got finally easier with the Internet and more Mustang sites being developed contributing bits and facts to the Ford world and Mustang history. Ford internal historians have reconfirmed that they have nothing to hide and support the research.

Now expect a bright future with even more interesting Mustang development story wile reading through Hollys uncoming books.

She presents the facts as she found them. Her intention is not to call anybody a liar or being wrong. It's just the history as her father saw it, being in the middle of the action, not at a green desk somewhere up the building levels, but right where it happened, where the Mustang was born. 

In the visionary artwork of one Man -  Phil Clark!

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More Sales outlets are picking up the opportunity
- Buy at the MCA annual meeting 2006 from Hollys display
- Texas Mustang Parts is the first one interested

A number of publications brought her books to the attention of their readers, here are just the early ones:
Daily Progress/Texas
Mustang Times August 2006
Mustang Monthly August 2006

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