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Group 2 Independent A/S Mustang

© Steve Francis, Wolfgang Kohrn - July 19th, 2005, updated 30.Oct. 2009


Doing the Oak Tree Turn at Virgina International Raceway in 2006

One of the few vintage photos. The A/S Mustang most probably as raced at Nelson Ledges in the 60ies (the blue car on the left).

Anybody who has pics of Watkins Glen or Nelson Ledges from 67-70, pls. contact us.
All pictures courtesy Steve Francis

The History of Steve Francis 66 Notchback Mustang

Steves racer in period correct dress before the VIR Gold Cup Race 2006

Purchased new in 1966 by Barry Schmitt and raced primarily at Nelson Ledges and Watkins Glen from 1967-70.

Raced at Watkins Glen GP Circuit Fifth annual Finger Lake Invitational SCCA Regionals.
October 19th, 1969.Driver Barry Schmitt. Raced as car #87.

Wrecked at Nelsen Ledges in 1970 and sold to Robert Davis who had helped build the car and was one of Barry's pit crew. Robert Davis owned an auto salvage yard in upstate New York and the Mustang sat there until 1991 when Paul and Lauren Fix purchased the car. 

After a full restoration the
car was brought out for several years of successful vintage racing starting in 1993. 

Entered in the Zippo U.S. Vintage Grand Prix, Sept. 8-10th., 1995 as car no. 23 in group 6H.

Entered in the Zippo United States Vintage Grand Prix, Sept. 10-13., 1998 as car no. 23. in Group 6F.

Purchased by Steve Francis in 2005.

Sold to Gary Arnold 2008.

Engine: 289 with 450 hp and 348 ft lbs torque.
Trans: Close Ratio Toploader 4 speed.
Rear. Ford 9 inch, 3.89 and Detroit Locker.
Brakes: Drum rear 10" x2.5"
Brakes: Disc 11.2" front and KH 4-piston calipers.
Misc: Konis adjustable dampers. Panhard bar. ATL fuel cell. Twin electric

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