The Filipinetti Shelby Group 1 Mustangs
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Performance Cars Ltd. was founded by George Filipinetti in 1965 and ceased operations in 1975. 
Georges Filipinetti was born in 1907 in Switzerland and was a very successful Ferrari dealer when he founded the Scuderia in 1961. The very prestigeous race team gave young talented race drivers a chance to enter the race circuits. Herbert Mueller, Jo Siffert, Willy Mairesse and many others drove for Filipinetti. George Filipinetti died on 3rd of March 1973. 

The Historic Shelby Automobile Association located in Geneve has some hints on the history and whereabouts of these cars, but yet nothing has been confirmed and those bits are still confidential as of now.

Pictures are used with special permission from Ed Heuvink (author of the famous red big Filipinetti book). Please respect the copyright of this page!

The History of the Filipinetti  Group 1 Mustangs

Base Mustangs in Wimbledon White with a black interior and a K-code engine were built in March 66 in San Jose and shipped to Carroll Shelby in the first 10 pcs. batch of "to-be converted" race notchbacks. 

2 batches of notchbacks went to Shelby, 16 for conversion to Group 2 and 4 for Group 1. Group 1 remained basically stock and were just similar to 66 Shelby street GT350s. Group 1 Mustangs do probably not have a Shelby tag and carry a 5R07K.... VIN.

2 Group 1 Mustangs were sent to Performance Cars Ltd. of Geneva/Switzerland in April 66.

Raced at Spa/Francorchamps by the Ecurie Filipinetti

The third Group 1 Mustang  went to the Netherlands and was wrecked at Tulip begin of 1968 as reported by the SAAC.

Famous author Ed Heuvink has written a great encyclopedia about the Scuderia Felipinetti. Being an Enthusiast himself, he shared these nice pics with me. Thanks Edwin.

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