Tania Mallet - the unbeloved Bond girl?
Tania was a very famous english model. For the second Bond movie she was already casted, but did not got a role in there. For the Goldfinger movie, she had more success. Most Bond fans wonder, why she never did any other movie later after Goldfinger. Well, here is a pretty good reason for it, that I learned from Alan Mann, who was on the spot.

The Alan Mann team ordered Tania Mallet to come to Switzerland for doing the racing scenes, because they could not locate a stunt driver girl in time and they had no clear picture of the real actress, so why not make it easy and call the real actress to appear at the spot at the Furka pass. Fine so far.
When Director Guy Hamilton appeared at the set, some scenes were already in process, especially the close up scenes, where necessary. What Guy Hamilton said is like this (thinking of the girl being a stunt girl):" Who the hell is that dumb girl behind the steering wheel. She does not even look "of public interest and she is a real bad driver". After he learned that she was the real casted and chosen actress, all had a good laugh, well maybe not Tania Mallet herself. She was soon sent home with big money in her pocket, but this might be a reason, why she never did again a movie. The "compliment and laughing" was probably too much for her.
(I hope this is a correct quote of what Alan Mann told me)

The racing scenes were saved by using the scottish race driver Andrew Cowan (a member of the Alan Mann Racing Team). He had to wear a wig. It is hard to tell from close-up watching the DVD, but you might spot some editing, where the face could have been clearly visible.

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