Sean Connery recalls....
that indeed Goldfinger was his most painful experience.
Harold Sakato - the corean wrestler - was not really familiar with the fake fightings in movies, so he gave Sean a real painful hit once.
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Where is the DB5?

R-M Auctions (October, 27th, 2010)

The world famous 1964 James Bond Aston Martin DB5 movie car
driven by Sean Connery in Goldfinger and Thunderball, and factory-fitted with the full complement of operational ‘Q-Branch’ gadgets, was sold at auction in London on October 27th, 2010 by RM Auctions, in association with Sotheby’s, in front of a packed audience for £2,912,000 ($4,608,500).

“RM has just established the price of fame,” said Rob Myers, Chairman and Founder, RM Auctions. ”We had a fabulous time during the promotion of the sale of 007’s DB5 and we’re really pleased to have been able to assist with finding it a great new home.”

The successful bidder, Harry Yeaggy, an American business man, is only the second ex-factory owner of the Mr. Bond’s ride.  The car’s seller, Mr. Jerry Lee, an American radio broadcaster based in Philadelphia, PA, purchased it directly from the Aston Martin Lagonda factory for $12,000 in 1969.

“This is a car that I’ve always wanted, after all it is the most famous car in the world,” said Mr. Yeaggy about the purchase of the James Bond Aston Martin DB5. “My plan is to display it in my private car museum in Ohio just as it is.”

One of the Bond cars displayed at the Classic Days 2012