Gale Fenner's Mustang Group 1 Racer
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The History of Gale Fenner's Mustang Group 1 Racer

Gale Fenners Mustang as it appeared at the 1966 d'Urcy Race   (Picture courtesy Richard Dean)

This 66 car ran in France & England, in Group 1 Production Touring, Certified ACCUS-FIA no 5011. It was a private entry by Gale Fenner, an American living in France. 
He had a good reputation with a Road Race Corvair Spider, so Ford of France approached him and he jumped at the deal. 

He won his 2nd race (Brabham raced there) 1st in class & 1st in Series "Course de Cote D Abreschviller" and exact same results in "Course de Cote D' Arry". 

The rest of the year he came in 2nd,  and one DNF. 
Ford shipped the car back to the United States in 1967 or 68 as a gift to Gale. (Steve Francis)

Richard Dean is the proud owner today. Here is his report:
"I have owned the car since 1984 and have had the good fortune to make contact with Gale Fenner, who sold the car in 1971. He was very pleased to see the car was still among the living. He provided me with many Race Results, tech stickers, Dash Plaques, Race Photos and News paper articles. All this of the car from France in 1966 and 67. 

The car was ordered to Export DSO # 95 through 'FORD OVERSEAS
DISTRICT OPERATIONS'. Build Date is April 6/66 as stated on the 1967 British Title & shown on the original Homologation forms, also stamped by FORD 'Special Vehicles Operations' raised letter seal), 'Auto Competition Committee For The United States' and The FEDERATION INTERNATIONAL (FIA) raised letter seal. 
The Forms also include the cars serial number, the
original FORD cover letter 12/8/65 stating that they are supplying only 15sets of the Mustang Group 1 Series Production Touring Recognition Forms, and a copy of their original certification production requirements. 

I talked to
the guy that ran the ACCUS office in 1966 - 80's. And he stated that there were only 12 or 13 cars that received these forms. And only about 8 cars received them in early 1966, If I remember right, he stated 5 of them were
Shelby's. that means only about 3 1966 GT Coupes were set to race early on."

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