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Mustang "Milano"

Ford designed this 2-seater "Mustang Milano" and showed it worldwide beginning of 1970 (starting in February), of course also in Europe.The taillamps of this show car glowed green, amber or red, to indicate wether the car was accelerating, coasting or stopping. The hood was a Shelby-style hood with several scoops and the car was painted in "Ultra violet". The rear hatch could be lifted electrically including the rear glass and revealed a matching set of purple luggage, same colour as the seats.

Information taken from Gary L.Witzenburg documentation (ISBN 0-915038-13-7) published in 1979, available from major US book-stores or in Germany via Schröder & Weise/Hannover or Das AutoBuch/Bad Homburg-Obererlenbach.

Picture 1 courtesy of SERAG Verlag/Robert de la Rive Box "Mustang"

70milano.jpg (25254 Byte)

Picture 2 courtesy of Gary L.Witzenburg documentation (ISBN 0-915038-13-7)

milano.jpg (16199 Byte)

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