First Mustang Club Of Germany 1964 - 1973 e.V.

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Bertone Mustang

(information from Gary L. Witzenburg/Rob de la Rive Box)
Automobile Quarterly gave a Mustang with the VIN 5F09K275716 to Carozzeria Bertone in Turin/Italy to initiate an european style Mustang. This car appeared at italian car shows in 1965 and was shown as part of the Ford Total Performance Road Show at the April 1966 New York International Automobile show and draw much attention. An article appeared in the Road & Track soon afterwards.
The car was later bought by a greek ship agency owner and its currently location is not yet known. Watch out!

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Pictures courtesy Wolfgang Kohrn

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Picture courtesy of SERAG Verlag

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Picture courtesy of "Auto Collection" No.7, SNEP,Nanterre