1968 customized Fastback
© Theron Hanson, Wolfgang Kohrn - February 2008


A Duke deserves respect and so does this 1968 Mustang.  

If you see prices going up at auctions, the real gems in the Mustang world are rather out there at custom car shows or in private garages and well worth even more than the owner spent in fabricating his personal car. 

The personal value is even higher than any market value, so for sure these owners deserve our respect.

Side exiting exhausts look always mean on a Mustang and in this case create the bellowing sound that Theron wanted on this car close to his ears.





We will have more on this car after we've covered it in our own club mag.

1968 Fastback Mustang

artifacted  by Theron Hanson

"I added sequential Led taillights as well as a flaming river tilt column and a new wood steering wheel. We also molded and painted the front around the billet grill and hood instead of the chrome pieces that are normally there. 

The wheels are 20ís rear and 18ís front American Racing. I really enjoyed this build, as I always liked mustangs but always felt they could look better with a few mods and changes."

"The project took about 6 months total as I made some changes throughout the build of the car. 
We used air ride tech. suspension so the car can be lowered and
raised as needed. The scoops were added and stretched up top to look more custom along with the lower scoops we made functional to the brakes. In addition, the drip rails were deleted along with the door handles and mirrors and all holes filled with lead. I decided to leave the interior mostly stock except for the gauges, roll bar and removal of the rear seat.

The color is a Chrysler candy apple with many clear coats. I have almost 100k invested now and am still not totally done so it will most likely not be for a while anyway."

The engine is a 392ci Ford crate motor with a Tremec 5 speed transmission. Also a single stage nitrous adds another 100 hp bumping it up over 500hp. 

Creating a smooth body is the most time and labour consuming part in a custom car job aside from the fabricating of the personal stylish elements. Here you can see what it takes to minmize tolerances, align gaps and smooth edges in the process.

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