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Set up and detailing for the final scene in the PUMA commercial

Anthony Bologna was fortunate to read a small article in early 1968 of the San Francisco Chronicle. That note told him that some of the streets around Lombard Street would be closed to public traffic for filming with an actor called Steve McQueen. 

Fortunately, Anthony visited the locations of the filming of "Bullitt" in his neighborhood. 
He witnessed the cars rocketing over the hills of San Francico. 

Dave Kunz, on one of his vacation trip' to SanFrancisco, did a photo homage of McQueen's famous chase and wanted to meet Anthony Bologna. Writing and visting numerous Northern Mustang car club shows, they finally met. This common bond has built a friendship to continue the "Bullitt" legend. 

Thanks to Anthony I could publish his recall of the chase scene on this website. Here is his enthusiastic e-mail, when we had our first contact more than a decade ago:

....This is Anthony Bologna.....I'm a very good friend of David Kunz .I was born and raised in San Francisco,Calif. The famous chase was filmed in my neighborhood called North Beach. This area is near the famous Fisherman's Wharf....I wrote several article about the infamous chase. And I was there!!. 

I wrote a story with Susan Encina for Mustang Monthly. The Mustang & Fords Nov.1997 issue report was written by David Kunz and me and is the most accurate article around. 
David and I did plenty of research over the years. Witnessing the filming, we put all of our research together and wrote the best story ever. 

We were there for the filming of the Puma commercial as well. It was lots of fun. A very long two days of filming only for his (Daves) car in the garage scene that is on the screen for seconds. The actor was a very close Steve McQueen double. 
We took photos of the shoot and car. What fun it was!

Read this: Anthony Bologna's witness article about the actual filming of the BULLITT chase scenes back then in 1968. Click here

Plus the article he wrote together with Susan Encinas back then for Muscle Car Review 1987. Click here


And this: 
Anthony also found Frank Panacci jr., son of Frank Panacci, a cop that played a major role in the film and obviously got a friend of Steve McQueen. 

Read here

And even more:
Anthonys webgallery from the BULLITT Nats, where the chase scene was restaged
Anthony finally found a decent 1967 Mustang 390GTA for himself

Anthony likes a joke once and then and especially with new kids on the block.

"What's wrong with my BULLITT replica" is his typical question and noticing their question marks in their young faces, he is quick to point to the automatic transmission and the GTA version.

Now well, we are kidding here, but it is more important to have a decent Mustang first rather than just a green one being beyond repair.
Putting this one next to the actual BULLITT movie car, many would rather like to drive this Mustang, which is ready for the fun it was built for, or not?

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