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- On Air in 1994 - The BULLITT Rallye Event by SFO Radio station KFRC

Picture courtesy Ron Lauron

Pictures courtesy Ron Lauron (rally participant)

In 1994 Radio KFRC from San Francisco aired several commercials for an event called BULLITT rallye and a McQueen look-alike contest. Listen tot he sound of BULLITT in Beatles "Help" style. The musicians are not known (yet), but it was a great success. More than 400 Mustangs showed up and 10.000s of visitors appeared to watch them cruising (slowly) down the hills and around the famous spots of the movie BULLITT.

Each of the following .mp3 files has about 140 to 170KB. If you have a slow modem, restart your player after you have downloaded it for some seconds. Now listen, it is worth while waiting for the sound of BULLITT.
Commercial 2  Commercial 3  Commercial 4  Commercial 5

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