A BOSS 429 named KK 1760
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Picture courtesy W.Kohrn
KK 1760 at the 2003 Antwerp Mustang Nationals

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

The Story of KK 1760

Picture courtesy W.Kohrn

Shane Walker had his ultraclean BOSS 429 9F02Z194351 trailered over from the UK to the recent 2003 Antwerp Mustang Nationals. Being one of probably not more than a dozen in Europe (3-4 in Scandinavia, 3 in the UK, 2 in the Netherlands) Shane placed his car on the best spot he could get on the location. BOSS 429 anyway are a shows main highlight, so he kept answering questions the whole day for his spectacular Black Jade painted eyecatcher.

The car was originally delivered via Kar Kraft (DSO 89-2001) to Ford Allegra in South Harlem, North Riverside, then came over to England in about 1989, went into storage at Som Castle in a Lords collection for about 13 years and finally rolled out of the museum again with only 38.000 miles. With 39813 miles today on the odometer the later owners have not put much power on the wheels. Still Shane was not afraid of revving the car up to demonstrate the sound of a 429 375HP Ram Air engine. True BOSS power that turned heads immediately. The car is almost original with its Interior Decor Group Deluxe except for the steering wheel (the original is still with the car), to beef it up some items have been replaced by one of the previous owners like the Edelbrock air cleaner on top of a Holley double pumper, and finetuned stainless steel headers and exhaust, but that is pretty much it.

Picture  W.Kohrn

The car also features Power Steering, Power front brakes, a deluxe seat Belt warning light and for fun of driving a 4-speed manual transmission. Have a look at the invoice.

Why there is a Carroll Shelby signature on the invoice? We'll find out.

Shane Walker enjoys his car very much. It just got featured in a 2-page article in the August 2003 Classic and Sports Cas issue in a FORD 100 Special. I am glad I could see this BOSS face to face.
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