A BOSS 429 named KK 2417
© Craig and Denise MacGregor, Wolfgang Kohrn - July 17th, 2004, updated August 2014


KK 2417 residing now  in Australia

Well restored white interior - from a black paint job during its race history

The Shotgun engine during the overhaul

All pictures Craig MacGregor

 The Mystery story of a Boss 429 with a race history - KK 2417 

Denise and Craig MacGregor from Australia are the proud owners of this grabber blue 1970 BOSS 429 that seems to have some race history. Here is what they have as of now on the history.
We tracked the invoice down and a lovely lady Lois Eminger, who sent them to us.
The car was originally sold at Jim Whalen Ford Elgin Illinois where our grabber blue BOSS 429 started life. Dont know if it was registered at all untill 1975,however.
The earliest owner we tracked down so far was in 1975, Mr Delmer Vails Jr, a milk truck operator in Oklahoma. Delmer said it was probably raced prior to him owning it, at the famous Union Grove strip that was close. 
Delmer purchase the car from a little car yard in Oklahoma. The white interior was painted black, and stored in the back of the car but he said the exterior paint was great and the mileage very very low even for 1975.
He told me "it was the nicest car Ive ever driven and could lightem up any gear any speed". I dont street race all THAT often but I never loose. My friends said I was crazy at the time for buying her, but I new what I had.
From there a guy called Robert Bulter bought the car, and then Cecil Yother (Paul "Racer" Browns apprentice orig) owned the car. Both guys have performance shops and are famous corporate funny car pilots in the early days. Racer Brown is known as the father of the camshaft and developed much of the understanding of how internal combustion works in relation to camshaft profiles we have today. 
He developed all the TRD and Ford Racing cam grinds and there is a good chance many of us are using one of his original grinds in our cars. Cecil asked "Racer" for a camshaft favor and there you have it. Cecil's quote was "well it wouldnt fall out of a tree under 5 grand you understand, but over that it gets real nasty"
In anycase a gentleman, who was the fastest man on water, Jim Broadley bought the BOSS 429 in 1979 and shipped it to Australia. Prior to Jim when Cecil got it, it spent many years on a Texas border barn (yep a barn car). The motor disassembled and in the dirt virtually. Built in 1924 this barn has more air than timber and in pure oil rigger country. That is not a good thing apparently.
Well Cecil grabbed the bits and put them on a car trailer before he got shot. The original valve covers were missing and another original set were purchased for $400US in 1978 from Steve Strange of Boss Performance. The motor was unbelievably all stock and mileage still low. Stored reasonably well, the engine was cleaned and new rings and bearing installed and amazingly all standard. The  original engine and gearbox is back in the car as on these cars the VIN number is also stamped on the chassis, motor and gearbox unlike any other mustang.
Stored in Australia in a museum for 23 years, it is now in a good home. The car is in good condition, but the sitting meant that brakes and suspension rubbers needed some love.
In that 23 years the owner never drove the car but once at the Hot Rod Nationals at Valla where a competition exists for any car there to do the best burnout. Well over 1000 cars attend the show but at the end it all happens. The rules are you must do a one pass, no brake burnout, the crowd votes and their choice gets $1000. Well off the trailer the old girl went and on the road. After winning $1000 they stuffed the old original clutch.
So the saga continues with Denise and myself. We found a rats nest (with rat) in the dash, and this little guy collected alot of the owner contacts we have today. However he did decide that the roof lining looked tasty at one point. The interior is exception except for the attack of hunger by the little gal."

Some famous racing can am quotes about the BOSS 429 
Mario Andretti reporting to the crew chief:  "It accelerates so hard I cant shift gears"
Carl Yarborough "The BOSS 429 is the best engine I have driven and the best race engine of all time, what ever I ask...when I call it, it comes".........."the Boss 429 to racing is like the invention of axle grease to the wheel."

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