A BOSS 429 named KK 1969
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KK 1969 in front of the Blackhawk Museum/CA

Shiny Black Jade BOSS treatment 

Original magnesium head covers, snorkel equipment in a low mileage BOSS 429
All pictures Gary Branson

The Story of a no-limits KK 1969 resto project

Gary Branson is the proud owner of this Black Jade 1969 BOSS 429. Gary initially was not much into Mustangs, but knew a thing or two about Cobra Jets, Mach 1 and such. While being at a car show in 1995, he spotted his first BOSS 429 and fell in love with it. After talking with the owner about the value, he ruled it out however for the next years. 4 years later a friend called him and told him, there would be 3 BOSS cars on sale, a BOSS 302, a BOSS 351 and a BOSS 429 from one family. 
Just for curiousity Gary and his friend went there to have a look. It turned out that the owner had died in the early 90ies and left the cars with his parents, who recognized, they could gain some more value over the years and kept them in dry storage. Meanwhile however the father had died as well and the family was ready to sell them. 
Gary placed an order that was immediately turned down. As Gary had BUICK 455GS Stage 1 just under restoration, he was somehow reliefed that the offer had been not taken.
But on his way home, he got a message that they would accept the order. Immediately he made his way back again and made a deposit. 

After having sold the Buick, Gary got hold of the low mileage (26500 miles) car. It had only minor dings and dengs, but was in fairly neglected status and not driveable. So he went on to do a no-limits rotisserie restoration to get it back to its previous glory. After dissasembly the body was massaged, prepped and painted without any time pressure and with high-level skills of the body shop. 12.000 dollar later Gary got the perfectly lacquered and polished body back for reassembly, where still - having went to numerous local shows and collecting trophy after trophy - nobody has spotted any failure in the surface.  Meanwhile Gary had the engine overhauled, heads polished, each and every nut bought new from AMK or phosphat and oil treated, countless numbers of NOS-parts acquired and learned a lot about BOSS 429 concours restoration from Bob Perkins.. Paint daubts were re-applied in the correct manner and a complete underbody detailing was in order. Original parts like the generator, steering parts and such were overhauled to keep the car  in its original status. 
There are only a few items that are not original or NOS such as the MSD ignition set-up.

If you'd like to learn more about Gary's treasure see his own website 

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