1967 Shelby Mustang Hardtop Group 2
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"Hi guys, I am Bjørnar Djønne from Andfiska/Norway and this is the story of my ultrarare 1967 Shelby Hardtop Racer.

In 1967 Shelby entered 4 Terlingua Racing team cars in the Group 2 Sedan races. One was the prototype driven by Jerry Titus, the others were similar yellow/black team cars. 
Dick Thompson and Roy Bucknam were famous pilots of those T/A racers. 

Aside from those cars Shelby built and sold 22 additional modified hardtops for independent racers such as John McComb. One of these series that were available basically race-ready with a set up of a massaged 289 with an aluminium intake, a double Holley-carb set up and headers, is mine.
It was bought from FoMoCo Sweden for the famous swedish race driver Bo Ljungfeldt and it was actually the 8th produced notchback produced by Carroll Shelby in 1967. All 67 Group 2 cars were delivered in white colour.

How I found the car?

One day I got notice of a red special Mustang Hardtop that was for sale. I knew it was driven from Trond Schea in the past, a famous and well-known racer.
Nobody knew that it was a Shelby at that time, because it was converted once to a 'normal' Mustang to promote sales of Ford products rather than Shelbys.
When I checked it out there was still a tach mounted to the column plus....

Well, I stuck a deal after some time with the last owner after some negotiation. My friend Arild Guldbrandsen and me went with his Camino and a trailer to the garage and picked the car up.

The pictures to the left show the car in the condition when we loaded it up. Have a look at the smile of my friend Arilds face. I restored the car and used it as a daily driver for some years in the early 90ies. It was then that more and more vintage race pictures appeared in the magazines. In one of them I saw my car being mentioned as a Shelby. I send a letter to the SAAC and I got confirmation that my car was indeed one of the 26 Shelby Trans Am Hardtops.

Bosse in his first race in Brunnjøen February 67. He leads, but looses one wheel. Car number 61.

Bosse in front of a bunch of 911, one Chevy and two Mustangs behind.

Bosse Ljungfeldt in an unknown race. Behind him the Swedish champion in 67, Bo Brastad in a Porsche 911.

All pictures courtesy Bjørnar Djønne

The history of No.8 of the 1967 Shelby Hardtops

Bosse (Bo) Ljungfeldt was succesful in most of the events he entered between February and October of 1967. After that season the car was loaned to FoMoCo Denmark, where driver Tom Belso raced it. Tom rolled the car finally in a race in Norway.
FoMoCo Norway bought the car, repaired it and raced it through the 7oies with Trond Shea until it was converted to street use.

Trond Shea and the Shelby at the Bjerkefeld horsetrack race.
Several owners followed until it got into my hands. I am currently restoring it to the original Shelby Racing specifications ... since 1997.

Trond Shea with the then dark Shelby No. 66. Check out his race suit.

Best regards
Bjørnar Djønne

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