2nd. Int. Mustang Meeting Antwerpen

All pictures copyright Wolfgang Kohrn/Guenter Plewnia

© Wolfgang Kohrn - Last updated on July 21th. 2002

Exactly 168 Mustangs from Belgium, Netherland, Germany and France rounded up for this second international Mustang Meeting on 21th. July 2002 in Antwerpen.

Although dark clouds can be seen in this pic, they were just an interim threat during a mostly dry day. Well, ok a shower here and then were to the delight of the bar and coffee shop owner and suddenly many people wanted to listen to the very good band inside. Many vendors for books, parts and other Americana stuff supported the meeting and had quite some interesting stuff on display. After a 300 Mustangs participation last year, this year was indeed not quite so successfull. We hope that the glory will return to Antwerpen (Anvers) next year.
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