The 1964 Alan Mann Mustang DPL8B
driven most probably by
Alan Mann and/or an Ford exec
© Wolfgang Kohrn - September 2015, last updated October 14th, 2016


In September 2015 I sneaked through a sheds door and  could hardly believe it.

One of the 4 cars that were sent to Alan Mann in July 1964 was there, just in front of me.
When the owner used the paint stripper on the fender VIN, we could match it to the door tag, which was as well still in place.

This car was a DSO 89 ordered Mustang, not an export car from the factory.








The History of the Alan Mann Mustang DPL8B

This Mustang just popped up in my mailbox in April 2015. It took some time to get in touch with the owner himself and an occasion to verify it to be the real thing and finally in October 2015, I could see the car myself and we stripped together the paint on top of the fender.

A friend of the owner had tried to research the cars history with the door tag number and landed on my Alan Mann page identifying it as one of the cars that was shipped in July to Alan Mann.

Actually 5F07K208112 is that VIN. Stamping found legit by experts.

And it carries still its DPL8B licence plate, though it is not the original one, but registering papers indicate that the car was licenced under DPL8B for the period of its usage.

The history is still unclear despite some very interesting genuine documents. The current owner bought it in 1972 from a person in London and drove it until 1978, then took it from the road to store it in front of his house for about 3 years.
Later he decided to move it out of sight as he had a number of unwanted persons lurking around the car and knocking on his door to talk him out of parts and the engine for stock car racing.

Of course the 289 HiPo emblem had stirred their interest for something they could make use of. The owner removed it some time to keep peoples interest in the car low, while being outside at the road.

Later on it went into the current shed and there is no way of it being removed without major work and removal of heavy items and fences.

We are digging currently in the further history prior to the current owner  to find the clear trace back to Alan Mann. Stay tuned.

This is the car after a paint job mid 70ies, there wer not too many Mustangs back then on the public roads, the poppy red made it even more outstanding and "loud", so the owner decided to make it more appealing. White and black was the theme to choose back then in the days.

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