The 1964 Alan Mann Mustang ABP325B
by Jacky Ickxs
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The young Jacky Ickx in Karlskoga touching the car first that went later to Ford Belgium for usage of Jacky Ickx
Picture courtesy Stanford University



Our clubmate Frank Wrobel met Jacky Ickx more than once. Recently at Castle Bensberg they talked again in detail about Jackys period of racing the Mustang from Alan Mann. He confirmed that he got it from Ford Belgium, but that it had been prepared by Alan Mann.

He also remembers the color change to the white and blue and more (we will publish parts of the interview soon.











Above and below:
May 22nd.1966 in Spa-Francorchamps

Lower picture courtesy Stanford University(






More later.








The History of the Alan Mann Mustang ABP325B

Jacky Ickx in 1965 in Limburg/Netherlands with the Alan Mann prepared Mustang

We are not sure from when the above picture is, but Jack Ickx appeared with a red Mustang very early and raced it to victories in the 1965 and 1966 season. The last B in the ABP325B licence plate indicates that it was first registered in 1964.

The Mustang was sponsored by Ford Belgium, but bought from Alan Manns stored batch of cars.
As of now we think it was 5F07D100055, unless we are proven wrong some time in the future.

Early pictures of the car show it in the unmolested red livery where it marked already its victory lane.

The Mustang was thenshown at the Bruxelles Motor Show early 1966 in its Marathon de la Route livery with the #31.(Picture courtesy Emil/DMFF)

It got later painted white and blue like other cars that Alan Mann used in Europe on the continent.

March 27th, 1966 in Zolder Jacky got a bit off the track, but there was no major damage.

Reason was the typical white/blue paint that was expected from american cars at most race tracks to differentiate them from british (racing green) and other countries specific colors.

ABP325B at the Spa 1966 race in its white/blue livery featuring the additional air scoops then being allowed in its racing class. (Group 5) Picture: Autodiva/FR

Victories recorded:

March 21, 1965 Zolder, Belgium
June 27, 1965 Zolder, Belgium
July 4th, 1965 Zandvoort, Netherlands
April 24th, 1966 Zolder, Belgium

May 22nd, 1966 Spa, Belgium

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