6S2385 - 1966 Shelby G.T.350 Continuation series
© Wolfgang Kohrn - October 4th, 2003, last update October, 2015


The car during Nick Williams ownership in the UK.
All (printed) pictures courtesy Nick.


6S2385 is painted white with white interior and and a blue top.

It is one of the Continuation Series convertibles built between 1980 and 1989

John Veale from Manhattan Beach/CA bought this car new and bought it over to Wiesbaden/Germany to store it away in a bonded garage.

Nick Williams, a friend of him took care of the car: "I went down with John to Wiesbaden in 1997 to collect it and brought it back to the UK and probably held it until about 2000 when sadly John passed away in LA and the car was recovered to the USA." 

Robert Aubrey, another friend, who had  serviced the car earlier, collected it later in the UK and brought it over to California again.

The car was owned by Bob Gaines, SAAC representative and Concours judge.
He completely went through the car in 2003 and brought the car up to current SAAC Div II standards.

On sale via Hemmings October 2015

Sold to a new owner in California.

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