1968 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car #4
© Phil Jacobs, Steve Francis, Wolfgang Kohrn -  May 2008,. updated August 2012


History currently pieced together from:

Phil Jacobs 
Steve Francis
Dr. John Craft Racing Mustangs
SAAC records
Shelby American Racing (D.Friedmann)
Alex Gabbard (Fast Mustangs)
Australian/NZ magazines
Ellis French (movie from Symmons Plains Tasmania race)

Symmons Plains Tasmania/Owner/Driver Bob Jane

Special note abou the paint change: 
he car was initially painted red during restoration as it was believed to be the 68 Titus car #1. It was later found out that this actual car was #4 indeed (with the only diagonal bar in the cage).
Consequently it was repainted to blue in 2008 and door number 2 by the Ross Myer/Chris Liebenberg  team. The visible #684 number on this car is not the correct one. This is not the Daytona team car!

2005 Saratoga pictures thanks to Bill and Fran. Unfortunately I forgot who sent me the CD with their pictures.

The History of the 1968 SA team car #4: 

Horst Kwech driving the SA Team Car #4 with door number 2 to a  victory at Riverside

Built by Kar Kraft (suspension) and Shelby Racing Company.  Carrying a 8R01J118XXX VIN.

1968 Group 2 Shelby built cars are differentiated by:
- Larger discs up front and 10" rear discs with Kelsey-Hayes calipers. 
- 9" floater hub assembly and Watts linkage with cross-member, rear anti-swaybar plus override trailing arms.

- Larger flares (wheelhouses) due to tire regulation changes
- Tunnel Port 302 engines
- High-rise alloy intake manifold with 2 four-barrel carbs

Driven by Dan Gurney (Continental Devide), Horst Kwech (Riverside),  and Peter Revson (Kent). In Australia by Bob Jane.

The #4 car was the last car built (only raced the last 3 races) and is a little unique. The main difference is the diagonal brace for the main hoop of the roll cage. The other three cars have the same roll bar design with a level or straight across main hoop brace.  (Phil Jacobs)

Bought by Rick Nagel in Australia in the 80ies (pictures of the car there show the diagonal bar) and brought to the United States. The diagonal bar is also pictured in the Fast Mustang book of Alex Gabbard.

Rick Nagels car
, when he raced it actively himself, later painted red. Rick Nagel had only one car.

Picture courtesy D. Friedmann 

Sold to Ross Myers and displayed at the Ford 100th Anniversary Event

The SA Team car
with door number #1 (see sidebar note!) as displayed in the Saratoga Museum 2005, rented out from Ross Myers

2008 - under restoration by Chris Liebenberg for Ross Myers

2009 Shown at Amelia Island

Picture source:unknown

Picture courtesy Ross Myers 

Picture courtesy Ross Myers 

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