1968 Shelby Hardtop T/A Notchback #3
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Jerry Titus  at Watkins Glen in 1968

Built by Kar Kraft (suspension) and Shelby Racing Company.  
This is one of the new built 68 cars from San Jose. Actually 4 were built that day on December 27th, but just 3 converted for SA Team Racing. It carried a 8R01J118XXX VIN.

1968 Group 2 Shelby built cars are differentiated by:
- Larger discs up front and 10" rear discs with Kelsey-Hayes calipers. 
- 9" floater hub assembly and Watts linkage with cross-member, rear anti-swaybar plus override trailing arms.

- Larger flares (wheelhouses) due to tire regulation changes
- Tunnel Port 302 engines
- High-rise alloy intake manifold with 2 four-barrel carbs

Car #3 replaced car #1 after 6 races according to the SAAC-registry.

Painted yellow for first race in Meadowdale (T/A race #7), and driven by Jerry Titus to place 11th.


Then painted blue for St. Jovite/Mt. Tremblant (TA race #8 on July 21st, 1968)  to place 14.

Thanks to Michael Scott, who was there in his youth, we received a number of new pictures as of May 2021.

Obviously it got slightly damaged at the drivers side front fender area.


Driven at Bryar to place 10.

#3 at Bryar - Jerry Titus drove it here

Jerry Titus drove this car still in blue livery at Watkins Glen to the first place

#3 in the winners circle at  Watkins Glen in 1968

In the last 3 races at CDR (Titus), Riverside (Titus) and Kent (Kwech) the blue car did not finish. 

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