1968 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car #2
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The #2 68 Shelby Team car as unearthed in December 2002 and sold by Matthew LaFond.
The car was checked out by Ed Ludtke and Phil Jacobs some time and was proven to be real. 

Pictures from the restoration process


Dr. John Craft Racing Mustangs
SAAC records
www.boss302.com T/A Forum 2002/2003
Pictures seller information 2002 (Matthew LaFond)
Shelby American Racing (D.Friedmann)
Alex Gabbard (Fast Mustangs)
Phil Jacobs article in SAAC-MCR /July 2003

Since 2011 additions by:

Matt La Fond (news from Dec. 2011)
Bill Ockerlund

Michael Scott (2021)

The History of the 1968 SA team car #2: 
This car  was in fact a converted 1967 team car, not a 68. The VIN 7R01K164685 was altered along its history late 1967 to a 8F01D164685 to get it finished in time for Daytona 1968. 

Despite common knowledge for more than a decade this car was one of 2 converted to the 1968 season. Only 3 new ones (8R01JXXX) were sent to Shelby produced on the assembly line in December 1967
This maybe linked to the UAW strike end of 1967 or a late order or shipment delays.

Dan Gurney raced this car at Watkins Glen in 1968

Built by Kar Kraft (suspension) and Shelby Racing Company.  

1968 Group 2 Shelby built cars are differentiated by:
- Larger discs up front and 10" rear discs with Kelsey-Hayes calipers. 
- 9" floater hub assembly and Watts linkage with cross-member, rear anti-swaybar plus override trailing arms.

- Larger flares (wheelhouses) due to tire regulation changes
- Tunnel Port 302 engines
- High-rise alloy intake manifold with 2 four-barrel carbs

Driven by Horst Kwech/Allan Moffat (Daytona 1968, Sebring), Parnelli Jones (Warbonnet Park), Dan Gurney (Watkins Glen, Castle Rock
, both DNF) and David Pearson (Lime Rock).

At Mid-Ohio Kwech did not finish, at Bridgehampton the engine blew before the race (DNS) like at Mt. Tremblant/Canada (DNF). At Meadowdale Kwech managed to get through to a 8th place.  Dan Gurney had transmission and ignition trouble through his race (DNF).

According to recently found SA movement papers
this car first raced in light blue at Daytona, then was painted yellow  for the next 5 races (Sebring, War Bonnet, Lime Rock, Mid-Ohio, Bridgehampton) and finally appearing as the dark blue number 2 car at St. Jovite and Watkins Glen. 

Michael Scott sent us in 2021 these pictures below, which he took as a young guy at St. Jovite/Mt. Tremblant.

Thank you very much, Michael. More to be added.

Car #2 was sold on March 25th, 1969 to Kar Kraft employee Tom Tlusty for 1 Dollar by Ford and had only  2 owners after that.

2nd owner: Matthew LaFond

Status as of May 2008:
Now fully restored in yellow/black livery. 

Picture source: unknown



































Status as of March 2010

New owner Bill Ockerlund had the car repainted in blue

The car pictured by Jim Langes father at Monterey 2010. Some of the work was done by Canepa Design.

Status  late 2010
2010 -Dan Guerney with Bill Ockerlund car, Photo courtesy Dan Wong/Autosport Forum

Update  late 2011
2011 - 1968 #2 at Monterey 2011

Bill Ockerlund in an interview

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