1968 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car #1
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Lime Rock Park 1968 (2nd place for Titus in car #1)
Picture courtesy Don Feeley


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The History of the 1968 SA team car #1: 

Jerry Titus at Daytona 1968 in car #1

Only 2 cars (#1 and #2) were finished in time to make the trip to Florida. Actually despite common belief for decades this is a 1967 converted car.
Recently found VIN movement papers proof that 7R01K16484 received a 8F01D prefix. 

 #1 appeared at the Daytona track in an red livery with a flat black hood and won a 4th overall in the 24h endurance race behind 3 Porsches.

Jerry Titus at Daytona 1968 in car #1, note the straight bar behind the driver. This straight bar is there on car #1 to #3, #4 has a diagonal bar.

We had a lot of requests meanwhile for the accurate sticker identification. The front stickers are Autolite and a rare Lightning by Sylvania, the rear fender is the Shelby parts sticker.

The color was changed soon after Daytona for later 1968 races
Painted in orange for Sebring.

Ronny Bucknum driving 1968 #1 at Sebring in its then orange livery. Picture probably D. Friedman, but sourced on the web by Jim.

Painted in yellow for 4 other races at least.

Driven by Jerry Titus and Ronny Bucknum (Daytona 1st place, Sebring 3rd place
), DNF with Titus at Warbonnet Park, 2nd at Lime Rock and Mid-Ohio, DNF at Meadowdale, then retired for the rest of the season..

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