1968 Mustang Body in White
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The 68 BIW Mustang notchback restored by Chris Liebenberg and last raced and owned by Tony Conover before its sale to his friend Hal McCarty in 2020. Soon after Hal sold it to Michael Sedlak.
Photo Dave Beck

Bill Clawson 1968 Body in White A/S Notchback

This 1968 body-in-white Notchback Mustang was built by FoMoCo engineer Bill Clawson for SCCA A/S national level racing. After racing the Notchback, Clawson parked it and purchased a Bud Moore built T/A  '70 Mustang from Warren Tope. 

The '70 Mustang (9F02M212776)  was George Follmer's primary car for the 1970 Trans Am season. The Bud Moore car was purchased minus engine/trans.

After Clawson removed the drivetrain from the Notchback and put it in the Bud Moore car he sold the '68 as a roller to former Kar Kraft Engineering employee Charlie Henry.  


The car changed its color then from red to light blue/dark blue.

At the time of the purchase, Henry was a High School auto shop teacher. This was Henry’s first race car and would let the students crew for him at the local Waterford Hills, Michigan race circuit.


Restoration by Chris Liebenberg of Racing Restorations, LTD in 1995.

Owned and raced by Tony Conover for 15 years until 2019.

Photo courtesy Dave Beck

Sold in 2019 to Hal McCarty (who has a 50 year race history and took the car as a trade in for his 1965 B/P Shelby GT350  racer) and then sold the 68 on to Michael Sedlak. Basically a return to the original mechanic, who helped Bill Clawson to turn it into a race car.  Michael has all the documentation and stuff from day on, so now everything got reunited with the actual car.

Owner History:

Bill Clawson

Charlie Henry

Lonnie Maynard

Chris Liebenberg

Craig Conley

Craig Poundstone

Gary Barnes

Tony Conover (2004-2019)

Hal McCarty < July 2020
Michael Sedlak


ATL 22 gallon fuel Cell feeds the Cobra Automotive built 302, 520HP/400NM with RJS heads, Jesel  valvetrain and Titanium valves,coming back to the rear with a Jerico 4-speed, Tilton 7 clutch and nodular 4.10:1 9inch differential and Moser axles.

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