Ed Hinchcliff/Steve Ross 1967/68 T/A Mustang 
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Steve Francis
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Pictures S.Francis, Steve LaRiviere (Ford100),"Justacarguy", Tom Forgione

As driven by Steve Ross at the 1970 St.Jovite race

The History of the 1967/68 Ed Hinchcliff/Steve Ross  T/A Mustang 
Ed Hinchcliff started working for Ford in 1963. He bought this 1967 Mustang (7F01A139506) that was cosmetically converted to a 68 from the prototype lot at Ford through the employees program accoding to the J.Bittle website (link see below).

Driven by Ed Hinchcliff in 1968 in several T/A races - the first was Watkins Glen in August - damaged at Michigan Intl. Speedway, repaired and from 1969 on driven by Steve Ross. It appeared at the 1970 St. Jovite race with door #40 and later in Mid-Ohio amongst others.. 

The car as stored in 1995 at one place in Mexico. Steve Francis was attempted to buy it back then for 14.000 dollar, got all the pics from its location in Mexico and was in touch via Rick Nagel,  but choose
finally another car - the ex Claude Saffter notchback. 

Picture courtesy Steve LaRiviere (Mustangsandmore.com) at the Ford100

Picture courtesy Steve LaRiviere (Mustangsandmore.com) at the Ford100

Picture courtesy Steve LaRiviere (Mustangsandmore.com) at the Ford100

Coronado Island 2009, picture courtesy "Justacarguy"

All the details of this car are properly documented by Ed Ludtke for the Road Racing registry and JBA Racing themselves here at http://www.jbaracing.com/hmsa68/history71.asp

Today still owned by J. Bittle 

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