Dean Gregson (Tasca) 1968 T/A Mustang 
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Pictures Michael Baumann
Hank Fournier/Dean Gregson (1969 Photo)

The History of the 1968 Dean Gregson (Tasca) T/A Mustang 

The car as driven by Dean Gregson at the 1969 Michigan T/A (Photo Hank Fournier/Dean Gregson)
Dean Gregson was the Tasca Performance Manager, who ordered this Mustang in late 1967.

The car as displayed at the Sears Point 2003 race

Sears Point 2003

The car as displayed at the Laguna Seca T/A meeting 2006

Race History of this car:
- 1968 A/Sedan
- 1969 T/A Michigan Int. Speedway

Supported by Dave Aronson/Ford Representative
Crew Chief: Hank Fornier
Crewman: Joe Slocum

Today owned by Nick de Vitis

Races e.g.
2003 Sears Point
2006 Laguna Seca

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