1968 Shelby Hardtop Racer T/A Replica
© Russel Rosalez, Bruce Thrompson, Wolfgang Kohrn - Sept. 2009 - 2014, Last updated on July 14th, 2014


Russell Rosalez had contacted us in 2009 and provided information about this very detailed replica and street car.
Seems I lost his e-mail however during my PC crash back then, except for the pictures.
As far as I have filed pictures it got featured in the Popular Hot Rodding magazine in 2010 during Russsels ownership.

The next owner Bruce came to the rescue and filled us in on the most important technical details:
"It has a Ford Motorsport 302, with approx 360 hp, and a BW World Class T5 and a Detroit Locker 9 inch rear end with 3.90 gears." 





Bruce Thompson from New Zealand owns the car since 2013 and enjoys it a lot.
He updated us on the  appearance at Hampton Downs race track, when he had it just for one week.

Bruce ran a T. Godsall Firebird for a long time, but now enjoys the blue T/A replica at local street machine car shows.

Maybe soon he will put it in a competition as well.

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