1968 Shelby Hardtop Racer A/S Replica
© Rusty Bayh, Wolfgang Kohrn - 2005, Last updated on February 22nd, 2008


Hello there,
I am vintage racing a 68 TA reproduction A-sedan car I built and completed in 2004 here in Texas painted in light blue per the color scheme of the number 2 car driven by Kwech and Moffat.
Rusty Bayh 

Rusty Bayh and Phil Jacob in a vintage car race

2008 at the Mid America Shelby meet at Hallett near Tulsa Oklahoma

2008 at the Mid America Shelby meet at Hallett near Tulsa Oklahoma

I had an interesting time trying to determine that actual color of the number 2 car...all the photos in the literature are in black and white, and the car appears white in the photos!  

The color blue is significant - from extensive research and discussion with Phil Jacob who owns ar 68 TA car, I learned that the number 2 Shelby team car raced for the first time in February 1968 in the 24 hours of Daytona was painted light blue for that race only.   Most of the vintage pictures you see of that car in publications are in black and white, and thus, the car appears as a white car.  

I tracked down the owner of that original car some time ago, at that time Matt LaFond, who was in the process of restoring it, and traces of the original blue color remained under the door hinges and windshield gasket flange.  I tried to match the color as best possible...1966 Mustang Arcadian Blue was very close.  
He sent me jpeg files that I color matched.  I attached a couple of pictures of my car taken at Texas Motor Speedway and at Hallet in Oklahoma last year at the Mid America Shelby Meet.
Details about my car
My car is a very nice piece - Lincoln brakes up front, floater rear axle with 65 Mustang rear disc brakes, over-ride traction bars, 510 hp 303 ci motor, Tilton clutch, and so on....  

For vintage appearance, (and for necessity - the fenders look naked without some decals!) I am trying to source, or as a last stand, reproduce the Pure, Autolite, and Lighting by Sylvania decals.) I am for sure not  trying to pass this car off as a rip-off clone.  

By the way, the car is a blast to drive....

Rusty Bayh (report from 2005, updated 2009)

Mid America Meeting 2008

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