1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A  #7
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Owner information:
Work order states that car was to be sold to Jim Anderson, car was actually sold to Doug Thiem. Doug Thiem raced
a Ferrari 250 GT rather successfully in 1962 and then ran in USRRC in 1963. He ran the Shelby at some local races in Milwaukee, Wimot Hill and Road America in 1967. He died in a non-racing car accident in Dec. 1967.

Car was then sold to Jim Barber, who then sold it to John and Mary Ellen Wilkins in 1968. Raced mainly in A-Sedan races in California Region, places like Cotati and Riverside.

Finished 8th in A-Sedan in SCCA Northern Pacific Region and 1st in SCCA San Francisco Region in 1968.

Raced at Sears Point Trans-Am race in 1969, finished 17th co-drove with Merle Brennan.

Finished 11th in Northern Pacific Region and 2nd in San Francisco Region in 1969.

Car sold and purchased by Clay Priola in April 1970.

Raced at Riverside Trans-Am race in 1970, did not finish (Engine).

Raced at Riverside Trans-Am race in 1971, did not finish.

Finished 1st in A-Sedan in San Francisco Region in 1970.

Finished 3rd in A-Sedan in San Francisco Region in 1971.

Car sold to Rubin Magaua in Dec. 1973 and delivered to Mexico.

Found in Mexico and purchased by Kevin Rich (Pflugerville, TX) in 1988.

Restored to 1968 specifications and is presently being vintaged raced.

Car featured in May 1996 in Super Ford Magazine.

Car featured in 
Shelby - Cobra, Mustang and Dodge
by Steve Statham
Mustang Masterpieces
by Jerry Heasley

Car is in Historic Trans-Am Registry - TA-038

Car has vintaged raced at Texas World Speedway, TX, Hallet Motor Speedway, OK, Heartland Park, Topeka, KS, Pueblo, Colorado, Sears Point, Road America, Watkins Glen.

Notable races
Shelby Reunion - HMSA Wine Country Classic June 1995
Trans-AM Reunion - Zippo Watkins Glen Grand Prix Sept. 1995

The History of the 1967 SA notchback #7 - 7R01K16468_

Mary Ellen Wilkins (Picture courtesy William Culkins)

The car during Mary Ellen Wilkins ownership (Picture courtesy William Culkins/Kevin Rich)

 Dito - Picture courtesy William Culkins/Kevin Rich

Clay Priola in the corkscrew at Laguna Seca (Picture courtesy William Culkins)

Picture pre- Watkins Glen 1995

This 1967 Shelby #7 is the ex-Clay Priola/Mary Ellen Wilkins Mustang. 

Imported from Mexico in 1988.


Vintage raced since 1992 to 2016 from owner Kevin Rich/Texas

Status: On sale as of October 2021. Asking price 495.000$ as advertised by Kevin Rich on the SAAC-Forum.

Purchased by Mike Walter April 2022.

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