1967 Shelby Group 2 Mustang notchback car #6
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The History of the 1967 Group 2 Mustang #6 prepared by Shelby 

Purchased by George Kirsley acc. to the SAAC registry. 

Driven r by Freddy van Beuren first time at Sebring in March 1967 and later also Allan Moffat under the Dos Caballos Racing Team name. The car featured an american flag on the rear fenders and got two stripes.<

Raced with door number #7, #8 and #22.

Below: Mechanic Barry Nelson from Melbourne worked on this car for Allan Moffat.

Maybe refurbished in blue for 1968 season.

Crashed in 1972 during a race. 

"Paperwork bought by Rich Rodeck.." (1997 SAAC registry  entry) 

There was definitely no body around to be built into an original car is the saying of many insiders.
The #8 car presented sometime in the recent decade is not the same like this one.

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