1967 Group 2 Mustang Notchback #24
Steve Francis, Wolfgang Kohrn - April 27th, 2008, updated Sept 5th 2014

The History of the 1967 Shelby American Mustang car #24: 

Following is the Ebay text from the then seller Curtis Jackson:
Purchased by Fred Sutherland, a driver for Shelby American. He raced in SCCA., obtaining second at Riverside and Daytona 1968.

Second owner was Jim Whelan, in Minnesota. He ran the car in at least two Trans-Am races Brainerd, Elkhart Lake.

Trans-Am number stamped in rollbar.

Car went to Sam Miller/Mike Henry in Atlanta Georgia. They campaigned the car in IMSA and Camel GT (FIA-Papers)  

It then then went to Norm Fame of Atlanta. He club raced it in the SCCA and went to the run offs in 1976. I have owned the car since 1978. Car is complete, less engine, since in it later life it ran a 302. For original Magnesium wheels go with the car. 

The car sat outside for a few years. Fuel cell is rusted out.  Minor rust at front corner drivers door. "

After the sales from Curtis Jackson, next owner was Darell Brewer since 2009, who was planning a complete restoration.

Sold early 2010 for 135K Dollar to original owner Fred Sutherland, who planned to build it for Monterey and race it again. Restored by John Ryals.

VIN Number 7R01K218307 at Monterey 2012

May to August 2014 offered by Auction America, expected to catch 250.-300.000 Dollar (Picture AA, Link to offer)

Source (Owner information)
Curtis Jackson/Ebay, Darell Brewer, Fred Sutherland

Auction America 2014 offer text

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