1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car #2
©  Wolfgang Kohrn - September 7th, 2009, last updated December. 6th 2014


Driven by Jerry Titus  first at Marlboro, August 12th. 1967, 3rd. place

Driven by Titus at CDR, August 27th (winner)

Driven by Titus at Crow's Landing (winner)

Driven by Titus at Riverside (Sept. 17th) DNF

Driven by Ronnie Bucknum in the last 2 races (Las Vegas and Kent)

History not known after that. 

Preliminary Information subject to further research (2009-2013)


Refurbished for 1968 with wide fenders.

Purchased by Rick Nagel in Mexico 1988 and restored to blue 68 livery.

Restored again to 67 livery


The History of the 1967 SA team car #2  

SA Team car #2 at the Continental Devide Race on Sept. 17th, picture by Ron Shaw

Carroll Shelby and Chip Hane as signboard guy at the CDR 1967

Ronnie Bucknum driving #2 at Kent 1967, October 8th.

Ronnie Bucknum driving #2 at Kent 1967, October 8th.

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