1967 Shelby Group 2 Mustang notchback car #19
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The History of the 1967 Group 2 Mustang #19 prepared by Shelby 
Ron Dykes used to race a former Carroll Shelby Maserati 300S #3071, before he entered another ex-Shelby factory car in 1966 with Don Peck at the Sept. 66 4 hour race at Riverside and again in 1967 this 1967 Shelby notchback from Hilton Racing.

This car was delivered to James Hilton and his Hilton Racing Team in April 1967.
The Hilton Racing car was first entered in the Green Valley 67 race. It did not finish then.

He entered it again in Riverside in September and Stardust in October 1967. 
Gary Goeringer says in his Fall 2012 SAAC interview article that the car was entered in 4 A/S races with Riverside and Laguna Seca winning a first there.

Its present whereabouts are not known, so if you have a lead, let us know. We have a clue, but would like to hear independent news from subsequent owners on this one.


Ron Dykes raced various cars at least until 1977.


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