1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A team car #15
© Wolfgang Kohrn -  March 23rd, 2009, last updated August 2012



The History of the 1967 SA team car #15: 

Driven by Phil Halbert

Bought by Randy Gillis, sold to Ray Hutson.

Bought by Bruce Kawaguchi.

Purchased by Curt Voigt.

Owned by Robert Newman from New York/NY

Restored by Cobra Automotive 
Purchased by Gary Underwood  and  Marty Beaulieu.

Now owned by Marty Beaulieu.

Shown at SAAC-29

Driven in Monterey/Laguna Seca 2012 with door number 21and in white

This car above shown with VIN .....178 at Laguna Seca/Monterey T/A Reunion 2012. Photo courtesy Jim Lange

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