1967 Group 2 Shelby Mustang  Notchback #14
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We got a hint from peruvian sources that #14 is stil in the Jorge Nicolini collection.

See also car #26 for some historic pics from Benito Lores and hints from Patricia Barrios, while we are sorting out the exact history.


The History of the 1967 Shelby American Mustang car #14: 
We've yet to assume that this is the #14 Shelby notchback racing in the Inka Trail 1967

Picture courtesy Benito Lores

...driven by T. Alzamora.


.. we were not quite sure wether this racing Mustang displayed in the Nicolini collection in Peru is the same car, but we found out with Gary Goeringers help
, that it is not the #14 Shelby

Gary Goeringer researched this red car in the Nicolini collection a bit more. Actually it is a 1967 Mustang assembled in Peru that was sent to HM in July 1970 for modifications and returned in 1971, acid-dipped. The engine is a 302 build by Lee Holman in 1992. 
Original owner Christobal Galluf - used for races in open roads and race circuits.

On sale as of 2009 for about 200.000 Dollar. On sale again by HM in 2015, on sale again as of Sept. 2017 from a nephew of Jorge Nicolini.

Benito Lores
Patricia Barrios 
Gary Goeringer

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