1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A notchback #12
©  Malcolm Starr, Steve Francis, Wolfgang Kohrn -  Sept 21st. 2009


According to earlier SAAC registry files, the Dockery Ford Mustangs were #10 and #11, however #10 has been listed there meanwhile as the McComb car, also in the 2011 registry.

#11 (Bob Grossmanns car) is meanwhile listed as the later replacement for #12 (Malcolm Starrs early and crashed car)
(the reasons will be certainly solved once).

If you have early pics of Malcolms early car, pls. pass us a line.


The History of the 1967 Shelby notchback Mustang #12: 

Malcolm Starr himself informed us in May 2009::
Dockery Ford of Morristown, NJ purchased two cars in early '67, one for Bob Grossman and one for me (we each paid for them ourselves). 

In 1968 I crashed mine at the Bryar Trans-Am, after minor damage happened at Warbonnet, stripped it and sold the remains to a scrap metal yard for about $5. 

I purchased the Grossman car  from Randy Randazzo of Randy's Auto Body in northern New Jersey (his shop was about 15 minutes from mine). He resprayed the car to duplicate my paint scheme and delivered it to us the Wednesday or Thursday after my Sunday crash. My crew and I pulled dome all-nighters, but we raced at the Glen the following Sunday.

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