1967 Group 2 Mustang Shelby T/A notchback #11
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Picture courtesy Gary Mathews

Bob Grossman raced the Shelby notchback at Daytona 1968 (February 5th), first leading, then dropping out due to an engine problem

Frank Dobias (owner of a 66 T/A notchback) looked through his photo file and remembered this about Malcolm Starrs 1967 Shelby notchback car:

1970 Marlboro Bridgehampton TransAm. Jan just pulled into the pits after the cool off lap (Ray is on the left white jacket/yellow cap and his brother Gene in the center Orange jacket/yellow hat) you can see Johns '68 car (#20) in the background. We finished 18th, John had overheating problems and DNF'd 24th.
(picture taken from an 8mm movie film) 

The History of the 1967 Shelby notchback Mustang #11: 

Bob Grossmann in #21 at Riverside in Sept. 1967

Picture courtesy John Mello/Camaros.org

Grossmanns car at the ARRC Daytona in November 1967. The car got into an accident, after Peter Cordts (#18) SA notchback blew a tire and Grossmann collided with Gene Feltons blue racer.
According to SAAC files, this car was purchased by Dockery Ford as an replacement for 1967 Shelby Notchback #12 (we think), which was crashed by Malcolm Starr at Bryar.

Malcolm Starr himself sets this record straight in May 2009::
Dockery Ford of Morristown, NJ purchased two cars in early '67, one for Bob Grossman and one for me (we each paid for them ourselves). In 1968 I crashed mine at the Bryar Trans-Am after minor damage happened at Warbonnet, stripped it and sold the remains to a scrap metal yard for about $5. 
I purchased the Grossman car from Randy Randazzo of Randy's Auto Body in northern New Jersey (his shop was about 15 minutes from mine). He resprayed the car to duplicate my paint scheme and delivered it to us the Wednesday or Thursday after my Sunday crash. My crew and I pulled dome all-nighters, but we raced at the Glen the following Sunday.

Picture: Riverside, Trans-Am 1968

Frank Dobias has more on the further history:
"This became later John Gimbels Shelby Notchback in 1968 dress at Sebring in 1970. Ray (Cuomo) obtained this #11 car for John to run at Sebring in March of 1970. Jan and I were fortunate again to be on Johns Pit Crew. The car lasted about 16 laps at Sebring when we developed clutch problems.
    John sold his "old" 1966 car to us after the 1970 24 Hours of Daytona since he wanted a car that was homologated for a Boss 302 engine which the '68 car #11 was. I think Ray said that this was the Malcolm Starr car. John ran this '68 car for the 1970 TransAm season. For 1971 John purchased a car from Bud Moore which he ran for a number of years.
    Ray sold this '68 Notchback  to a fellow named Leo Tomczyk who drove the car to a 12th place finish in the 1972 Schaefer Trans Am at Lime Rock (we finished 16th in the race). 

Leo sold the car back to Ray Cuomo after Lime Rock. 

Roy Folia purchased the John Gimbel/Malcolm Starr '67 turned into a '68 Mustang from Ray Cuomo in 1979. It was Purple & White at that time so Folia painted it Omaha Orange & Brown. Folia campaigned it for one season and sold it to a buyer in California who drove a postal truck coast to coast to get it. 

So the ex-Malcolm Starr, John Gimbel, Ray Cuomo, Leo Tomczyk, Rod Folia '67/'68 Mustang may still live. Frank

If you know where this car is today, Malcolm Starr would be very much interested to know about it. He thinks it has vanished to Australia.

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